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Our Mission

My mission is to help tens of thousands of households save their hard earned money and get rid of the high cost of cable TV while still enjoying what you want to see, by teaching people how to use streaming devices like Jailbroken Firesticks, 4k Firesticks, and Loaded Firesticks.


5 years ago, I cut the cord from Cable TV. I bought a Amazon Firestick and learned how to install Kodi and other applications, just like Cyberflix, Cinema, Mobdro, Bee TV., Silent Ghost, and Gears TV. I have saved over $10k since cutting the cord. I used to pay for premium services like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, NFL Sunday Ticket, Red Zone, NBA League Pass, NHL, MLB and Pay Per View Fights.

Cable-Free Live TV

Cut the cord now to save on expensive cable bills for only $ a month