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👀 firesticks 4k version 👀
4K TV 2080P!! You do not have to have 4K HDTV, any HD tv with HDMI inputs work, the 4k stick has a faster processor and other upgrades. But for true 4k streaming, you do need a 4K TV.
You can use your firestick anywhere in the world with a wifi connection and a HDTV with a HDMI input that every HD tv has.
I take mine on vacactions to Costa Rica or any hotel anywhere all the time.
All of these APK apps are the PREMIUM VERSIONS and do not have the ads that you have to click out of all the time, so happy streaming! Te@ TV,M0b dr0, Cinema, Flix, ETC are all Premium versions, so no Ads!
Alexa remote with voice and volume control, Only opened in a smoke free home to install the APKs.
Free email and phone support if there is an issue or major questions.
Why pay for Redbox to see the movies you want to see now? Live TV including HBO, Showtime, Cartoon Network, CNN…hundreds of live TV channels and access to any movie or TV show on demand for free! You just have to navigate the different APKs and play with the fire stick. You can also go into the settings and program the fire stick remote to control your TV or sound bars volume. So no more having to use two remotes to binge watch your favorite shows! So anything on NetfIix, Hulo, Prime and any other network you can think of. Do not go into the settings and delete the APK or clear their Cache. enjoy and Happy bidding!

APK add-ons installed in a smoke free home, any questions are just a phone call or email away. You are protected by Ebay and Paypal as a buyer, so no worries.

You will need WiFi and a HD TV with HDMI inputs to install the firestick. If you can watch Netflix over your WiFI, you should not have problems. You will have to either make or use your own Amazon account to use the product. The firestick will walk you through this process, and again, if there are questions, please ask!


There are many options to choose from and offers unlimited entertainment including movies, tv shows, international, sports ..

With built in update options to always receive the latest update and content this device will entertain you for a long time .

I’m an experienced seller with 1000s of units sold.

Free First Class Shipping.  No International shipping.


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